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What is a Canvas Print

A canvas print is a replication of any photograph or painting printed on high quality canvas. While originally made from linen or hemp, today’s canvas is primarily woven from cotton. This allows for a more durable and pliable type of canvas. Cotton canvas is not only strong, but also slightly stretchy. This allows us to offer a variety of final products, from the plain unstretched canvas to the museum quality gallery wrap.

Before printing, we use the latest technology to color correct each and every image. This not only assures the very best quality control, but also gives customers several color options, including a conversion to a strictly black and white or conversion to a more antique look, as is achieved with sepia tone.

While canvas can be printed on in a variety of ways, all of our prints are Giclée prints. This means that all of our prints are printed on high quality ink jet printers to ensure the best possible product.

The printed product is usually then treated with a liquid laminate, or sealant. This protects the print in a variety of ways. The sealant prevents damage to the actual print by scratches or fingerprints, prevents flaking or cracking, and even makes the canvas resistant to water damage or sun damage, which can cause severe fading or discoloration.

After the product is printed, we offer three distinct methods of stretching canvas. We can ship the canvas unstretched, which means it is attached to no stretcher bars. For stretched canvas, we hand build stretcher frames from moulding made of sturdy kiln dried American wood. These will be attached to the back of the canvas to give the picture its final shape. We can then stretch the canvas onto standard stretcher bars, which are a thin ¾ of a inch thick. Lastly, we can stretch the canvas onto a thicker 1 ½ inch frame, called a gallery wrap.

After stretched, our prints are given appropriate mounting and ready to be hung immediately. No cases or glass mounts are required, though we do offer a standard black frame for our standard stretches.

In any form, a canvas print is a item that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

To learn more about photos on canvas, take a look at the upcoming articles “How to take an expert photograph” and “The benefits of canvas over paper”.

Written by: Anthony Faia go here

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