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How to hang a Canvas Print

When you have purchased a canvas print, it is important to hang the picture correctly and in an appealing spot to get the most satisfaction from your print.

First, you must decide on which wall you would like to hang the picture. When you are faced with this decision, try to keep in mind these few small suggestions. You should avoid hanging a small print on a relatively large wall. This will accentuate the diminutive size of the picture. Conversely, avoid hanging a large print on a small wall or in a small space. This may cause the print to appear to dominate the space in an unpleasing fashion.

Photos on canvas tend to look better on walls when they seem to extend the basic lines of the room itself. Try to line up your print with a window or door frame. If this is not possible, hang the picture so that the center of the print is at eye level. Standard acceptable eye level is around 57 inches from the floor. It is at this height that the human eye finds an image appealing.

Now you need to calculate the exact spot from where your print will hang. Place your print against the wall in your chosen spot, and make a small pencil mark on the wall where the very top and center of the picture rests. If you turn your canvas print over, you will see a hanging tab with saw teeth fastened to the top stretcher bar. This tab is 1 3/4 inches from the top of the print. If you make another mark 1 3/4 inches down from your original pencil mark, it is there that you will screw in your nail, wall hook, or desired hanging implement.

If your canvas print is framed in our standard black frames, you will not see a hanging tab but rather a hanging wire. Gently place your finger under the middle of this wire and pull upward until the wire is taught. Now measure the distance from your finger to the top of the frame. You will use this measurement to make a mark beneath your original pencil mark, and it is there that you will screw in your wall hook to hang your framed print.

When you have chosen your spot, you are ready to hang your print. Never hang a large or heavy print on dry wall or wall board with only a nail, but rather try to find wall studs or beams to hang large or heavy prints. If you cannot find a wall stud, dry wall anchors and screws should be used. These are readily available at any hardware store, and will usually do the trick as long as you stay beneath the recommended weight limit located on the product.

Next, nail or screw in the appropriate fastener at the point of your second, lower mark. Adjust the picture so that it is level. All of our canvas prints have self leveling saw teeth which makes this process easier. For framed prints, it should be a matter of slightly adjust the print until it is perfect.

Should you have multiple prints, grouping pictures can be attractive. Grouping pictures together can almost tell a story, so do not be afraid to place two or three pictures side by side. This is not only a fun and creative way to display your art, but also a simple way to fill a more expansive wall.

Written by: T. Mellet

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