Displaying Your Canvas Print In A Gallery Wall

The Gallery Wall is a fantastic way to display your canvas prints. Constructing your gallery wall can be a fun and artistic endeavor. What You’ll Need A good sized wall! Gallery Walls are supposed to be full and lively. A short wall may give your Gallery Wall a cluttered and squished feeling. If you don’t … Continue Reading »

Why is the Color on My Monitor Different From the Color on My Print?

When printing from a digital original, often times the print copy will not have the same colors as the original. This is not due to any specific changes within the picture file, but rather a disparity in how your specific monitor displays color. Color Management is an attempt to control how various devices such as … Continue Reading »

Valentines Day Coupon

Valentines Day is getting close! A treasured photo printed on canvas is the perfect gift for your significant other. Not only is it personal, but affordable. And to make it even more affordable, we are offering a 20% off coupon for a limited time. 15% Off Coupon Code: valentine2013 Insert the coupon code at checkout … Continue Reading »

How To Photograph Moving Objects

Take a look at this great article written by Rick Berk detailing how to capture objects in motion for future use in your canvas prints.  It discusses how different photographing techniques, lens choice, and shutting speed can all help you to capture a great moving image. http://digital-photography-school.com/showing-speed-using-panning-when-shooting-action?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+DigitalPhotographySchool+%28Digital+Photography+School%29

Why Choose Photos On Canvas Over Paper?

There are many options when trying to decide what material on which to have your photos printed. Billions of photographs have been printed on photographic or fine art paper.  Recently, canvas has emerged as a popular alternative.   This article will will show the benefits of canvas prints versus paper prints with regards to photographic printing. … Continue Reading »